I'm Jessica, and I'm glad you're here! I lead a team of incredibly talented women and together we photograph weddings for bold brides, lifestyle family sessions for people of all abilities, and  products for small businesses and brands in Utah and beyond.

We specialize in providing a fun, relaxed atmosphere during your session, rich, true to life coloring in our edits, (you'll rarely see a black and white image here!) and personalized brand photos that practically sell your product for you!

I also own The Stratford Studio in Logan, UT - a beautiful, 19th century natural light studio available to rent by other photographers and creatives.


a little more about me...

My husband and I met in college and have been married close to ten years. We have five beautiful children and several animals. We live in the country with lots of space and we LOVE it. I started my photography business as a creative outlet, but it has turned into so much more than that. I've found a career that I'm truly passionate about! Having a camera in my hand gives me life! 

A few quirky things about sessions with me: I WILL almost fall over at least once. I get so wrapped up in creating beautiful images for you that I often forget to watch my surroundings and trip! I'll lay on the floor, stand on high stepstools, and do anything short of bending over backwards during your brand shoot to get the perfect photos and every angle of the product you've poured your heart into. I'm not afraid to make a fool out of myself to get your children to laugh and smile naturally during our family session. I will giggle like a little girl during your engagement or bridal shoot because seeing you so in love is such a beautiful thing. 

- I'm obsessed with my kids
- My husband is my lifeline
- I will do anything for dark chocolate
- I've never been out of the country (hope to change that someday soon!)
- I'm a type 3 ennegram through and through

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