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It’s time for this week’s Small Business Marketing Tip! Today I’m talking about Getting To Know Your Audience. It’s one of the best ways to set up the rest of your marketing strategy for success!

When you spend time getting to know who your target audience is, it will help guide you when putting together all the rest of your marketing materials – blog posts, Instagram captions and stories, ways you can serve your audience, etc.

Start With The Audience You Already Have

Are you on Instagram? Instagram has some great tools you can use to help you kickstart this marketing tip. Use your stories to ask questions about the people who already follow you. The ones who engage will be the most invested in your brand. You can use polls or questions in your stories find out what they like or dislike, what they prefer to see from you, what their favorite products from your brand are, and the list goes on and on!

Create A Buyer Persona

After you’ve gotten to know your current audience a bit better, building a buyer persona is a great next step. A buyer persona is a fictional person who you basically create to represent your ideal client. You’ll use this persona to influence all of your marketing for your business. Here are some questions to help you build your own customer persona:

  • What gender are they?
  • What is his or her age?
  • Are they a parent?
  • What kind of parent? (organic, trendy, minimalist, etc)
  • What are their pain points in regard to the type of product or service you provide?
  • What are their main personality traits?

This is just a start of the questions you can answer to build your buyer persona. You may end up finding that your ideal client doesn’t fit just one profile, and that’s okay! Create 2-3 personas and find ways to reach each of them. With how visually oriented the world has become, having brand photos that match what your ideal customer is looking for is so important! I can help you get those images that will convert your “likes” into sales! If you’re ready to appeal to your audience with high quality photos, contact me at this link!

How have you used this small business marketing tip in your brand? If you haven’t tried getting to know your audience as a way of marketing, what will you do to get started?

Small Business Marketing Tip - Get To Know Your Audience

February 9, 2021

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